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Upaasana’s Creations

Dance Dramas directed and choreographed by

Smt. Jayashree Nair


The legendary 12th century Saint and Poet Jayadeva scripted the masterpiece, Geetagovindam. The first ashtapadi of this Sanskrit poem eulogizes the ten incarnation of Lord Vishnu, namely Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Srirama, Balrama, Buddha, and Kali. For  Jayadeva, Krushna is Vishnu. This dance drama in Bharatanatyam style portrays them by depicting the incidents leading to the incarnation of the Lord in these ten forms. It is in the form of an invocation to the Lord who manifests in various forms from time to time to destroy evil and protect Dharma.

Music: Sri: K.Narayanan.  

Narration: English, Malayalam or Kannada.

Duration: 110 minutes.



This great epic based on the life of Lord Rama needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular epics of our time. This ballet in Bharatanatyam style is based on the song Bhavayami Raguramam,

a composition of Maharaja Swati Tirunal. The ballet portrays  the life of Rama. Episodes like Yagaraksha, Rama’s marriage with Seetha, their 14 years of exile, disfiguring of Surpanaka, Sita’s abduction by Ravana, Rama’s friendship pact with monkey king Sugreeva, Hanuman’s search for Sita, building the bridge to Lanka, killing of Ravana, Agnipareeksha, Rama’s victorius return to Ayodhya and Sreerama Pattabhishekam are depicted.

Music :K. Narayanan. Narration in Hindi or English.

Navavidha Bhakthi

This ballet in Bharatanatyam style is based on stories from Srimad Bhagvatham and Narayaneeyam, two highly popular spiritual verses written in praise of Lord Mahavishnu. The ballet explains the 9 different ways in which one can  worship the great Lord. The 9 ways of Bhakti or worship are Shravanam-hearing the praise of the lord, Keertanam-singing praises of the lord, Smaranam- Paadasevanam- worshipping the thinking of the lord, Lords feet, Archanam-making an offering to the Lord, Vandanam- paying obeisance to the Lord, Daasyam-being the lords servant, Sakhyam- being a friend to the Lord, Aatmanivedanam- offering oneself to the Lord.

Music : K. Narayanan; Narration in English. Duration 90 minutes


Panchali Sapatham

Based on Tamil nationalist poet Subramania Bharathi’s lyrics, this ballet in Bharatanatyam style depicts the game of dice played between the Kaurava’s and Pandava’s, leading to Draupadi’s vastraharan by Dussasana and Krushna saving the honor of Draupadi.

Music: Sri K.Narayanan , Narration : English Duration : 30 minutes


A portrayal of Madhurabhakthi, the eternal love story of Radha & Krushna, the yearning of the individual soul to be one with the Universal soul,  through an ensemble of Indian Classical dances. The legends of Radha and Krushna, and their amorous leelas, have been the subject of many an artistic creation. This is a journey through one such great creation; the Geeta govindam of poet Jayadeva, a pioneer of the Madhurabhakthi cult. The characters of Radha, Krushna and Sakhis are enacted by dancers of different styles like Mohinyattam, Kathakali, and Bharatanatyam.

The recorded music is composed by late K Narayanan. The narration in English is also recorded. Duration 70 minutes and edited 50 minutes

Rasarajan Siva 3.jpg

Rasarajan Siva

Siva is considered to be a Mahayogi, and it is difficult to think of a Yogi with changing moods. But,  Shiva is also  the Nataraja,  the king of actors, and it is quite natural , he might have elicited

various   Rasas,   ie.   emotions,   as   the   situations   demanded.

Rasarajan Siva is an attempt to portray the Navarasas of Siva, as could be imagined by us, the Dancers, in Mohiniyattam style.


This Mohiniyattam composition based on a verse from   Hraswabagavatham  by  Brahmasree Paleli Narayanan   Nambuthiri  narrates the  Rasaleela by Krushna and the Gopies at the Vrindavan, during moonlit nights. Plants & trees,animals & birds even the inanimate nature are active partners in the dance of ecstasy.


Ramayana Varnam

Based on a Manipravalam song in praise of Rama this item depicts episodes like Ahalyamoksham, Sabaridarshanam, Pattabhishekam etc.

Other productions of Upaasana include Glimpses of Krushna, Swamy Ayyapan, Skandaleela & Glimpses of Purandaradasa. Upaasana has also produced ballets based on Christian themes namely St. John the Baptist,

Jyothi, The Parables, St.Francis of Assisi, Lady of Fatima, & Prodigal Son.


​Our talented students have are also been performing entire Margam/ specific items in Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam style.


Upaasana also presents various traditional folk dances of Keralam like Kaikottikkali, Kolattam, Oppana, Margam Kali, Harvest Dance and Kerala Darshanam for special occasions.

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